Giving Your Boiler Cupboard A Makeover with Dulux Trade Paint

Giving Your Boiler Cupboard A Makeover with Dulux Trade Paint

Every home has at least one cupboard which gets neglected. It becomes a dumping ground for just about everything – hoovers, DIY tools and maybe even unused kitchen appliances. Of course, we all just shut the door and work along the premise that if you can’t see the mess then it’s not a mess! 

Our home is no different. We have a combi boiler in a cupboard that is in the kitchen and it has definitely been our dumping ground for just about everything.  

When we purchased our home, I had to completely renovate every room and yes, you guessed it, I left the boiler cupboard. It’s awful! When you open the doors, it looks like a mess, especially as the walls have not had a coat of paint in a very long time.  

The boiler cupboard can be a very useful place to store many things. It just needs a little bit of organisation, but first it needs to be painted and given a makeover. I will show you through this tutorial how to give your boiler cupboard a fab look using Dulux Trade Paint and how to make it a more functional space.  

And don’t forget, at the end, you can recycle your paint can. The reasons behind this are quite simple: metal is a permanently available material that recycles forever. It also has a high recycling rate and, of course, can be upcycled and reused in many different and creative ways.  

Now let’s get on with the tutorial to give your boiler cupboard a makeover! 

What you will need to do the makeover 

1. 1 tin of Dulux Trade Matt emulsion 2.5 litres  

2. 1 tub of Polyfiller 

3. 1 filling tool  

4. Selection of paintbrushes 2”, 1.5”, 1”  

5. Sandpaper – medium grade 

6. 9” roller and tray and mini roller kit  

7. Goggles and face mask  

8. Dustsheet  

Step 1  – clear out the cupboard

The first job is to empty out the entire contents of the cupboard and remove any shelves. This is the perfect opportunity to have a clear out of any items you no longer use. Remember to recycle anything that can be at your local tip or maybe if you have any kitchen appliances you no longer need, you can give them to a charity shop. Make sure you brush the entire area, so the paint goes on a clean surface for a perfect finish.  

Step 2  – polyfiller time

The next step is to fill any holes or imperfections on the walls with the indoor filler using your filler knife. This will require about 24 hours to dry.  

Step 3  – make it smooth

Once the filler has dried and gone hard you can then sand those areas with your medium course sandpaper. I would also recommend that you give the walls a light sanding to create a good finish and any minor imperfections are removed when you start painting.  

Step 4  – time to paint!

The boiler cupboard is now ready to be painted. For this project I have decided to paint using Dulux Trade Matt emulsion in the colour Willow Tree. The kitchen is also painted in Willow Tree and I want the kitchen to flow into the cupboard making it look like it’s part of the kitchen. I intend to paint the door frame, pipes, ceiling, walls and skirting boards in Willow Tree to give it a complete look.  

The first thing to do once you start painting is to cut all the corners in. This is where the ceiling joins the walls.  You can then start to use the roller for the bigger parts of the walls. In more awkward areas the mini roller is perfect.  

Always make sure when you are applying the paint with either a brush or a roller that you apply in even strokes, so you achieve the perfect finish. Once you have painted all the areas, leave it for 24 hours to completely dry and repeat the process with a second coat of paint.  

To finish off the boiler cupboard makeover I have decided to add some shelves for storage. In our case it’s cat food but, of course, you can store whatever you want to. I have also laid a lino floor to finish off the boiler cupboard.  

So that’s my tutorial for a boiler cupboard makeover. Good luck with yours – you can do it!

Blog by Nigel Higgins – DIY Daddy

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