How to turn old paint tester pots into plant pots  

How to turn old paint tester pots into plant pots  

Not sure what to do with empty tester pots after you’ve used them up? Instead of throwing them out, why not get creative and turn them into some pretty mini plant pots? This is such a simple DIY that anyone can have a go at – and the best part is you can be as creative as you like!  

I’m using one of my favourite paints to work with for this one – Rust-Oleum Chalk Effect Furniture Paint. The great thing about chalk paint is it adheres to any surface with no need for prepping or priming, so you can paint straight onto the tester pots. This also means it makes a fantastic base for adding patterns, colour and other designs on top.

plant pots creative

You will need: 

Empty tester pots 

Rust-Oleum Chalk Effect Furniture Paint in a colour of your choice. I’ve gone with ‘Chalk White’ 

Regular emulsion in various colours of your choice  

Small paintbrush 

Marker pen 


Small plants or succulents 

Rust-Oleum Furniture Lacquer in Clear Matt finish

plant pots rustoleum
plant pots tester pots

Step 1 

Start by fully washing out your tester pots so they’re completely clean. Once they’re dry, give them a coat of the Chalk Effect Furniture Paint to form a base. This is what you’ll paint or draw your design onto, so bear this in mind when choosing your colour. I’ve gone with Chalk White, which I thought would be great for adding some colour on top of.

plant pots creative tester pots

It’s a very thick paint, so give it a good mix before you start and make sure to apply carefully and slowly. I used a small paintbrush as these tester pots are tiny, but I would usually recommend using a roller to avoid brush strokes.

Step 2 

Give your pots a good first coat and then wait to dry before giving them a second. Once fully dry you can then start to add some pattern or colour on top.  

I’ve used some Dulux Heritage paint to add some colour on the top of the chalk paint – any normal paint will work though, no need to use chalk paint here, unless you want to of course! Using a pencil, I sketched out some designs such as scallops and abstract shapes, and then filled them in with paint using a smaller paintbrush. You might need to give these two coats.

Step 3

Once these are all done, you can use a marker pen to add some additional pattern to the pots, if you wish. Use a marker pen, which writes really nicely on top of the chalk paint. I’ve added some simple dots and dashes just to add some interest, but you can be as creative as you like!

plant pots cool diy 2

Step 4

To finish off, once everything is dry you can add some Rust-Oleum Furniture Lacquer in Clear Matt finish over the top to seal and avoid chipping, if you wish. Again, use a small paintbrush to apply. Then pop your plants into the pots and you’re all done! I’ve kept my cactuses in their original plastic plant pots, so I can easily remove them to water, as there’s no drainage in the pots. However faux succulents would look great in them too.

plant pots cool diy